The Central Bank of The Bahamas has made gold and silver commemorative coins available of the holidays. Currency Manager, Jermaine Campbell explained the new offerings.

“This release is the $100 gold proof pirate ship coin. So it follows just succession of our gold program that we would have commenced in 2018. And so there would have been annual releases of gold proof coins since 2018, this one is the $100 but we’ve also released $250 and then silver proof coins in tribute to islands of The Bahamas. And so that program is still ongoing. And so, we’ll also expect in short order to release the silver coins.”

Campbell also spoke to the new ten dollar bank note to be introduced this week. “On December 15th we’ll release a new ten dollar bank note. Based on the bank’s program we would introduce a new design at least once every ten years. And so this release is really a reprint of the 2016 ten that we would have introduced. Some of the key components are, we changed the color to better distinguish it from the $1 bank note and then we changed the substrate. So intend of it being printed on cotton as a previous note was, this one is printed on a durasafe which is a stronger more durable substrate.”