Commissioner of Police, Clayton Fernander gave an update on investigations into the death of a toddler whose body was found on Brice Lane on Tuesday evening.

Fernander told reporters at a press briefing at the Officer of the Prime Minister, “we have to do a better job in managing and taking care of our children.  It was very sad to see that sitting in my living room last night and watching the news.  Some of you, the reporters, went back into the area and interviewed some of the neighbours and based on the response from them I’m kind of concerned about that.  You know, some of them saying they always see the children late at night around ten, eleven in the night left unattended.  You have to speak up man, as neighbours, you have to speak up.  If you are see something is going wrong with an individual in the area or anybody.  You know that’s a well knitted community, that Fox Hill area and the police are well involved in the community with the members of the public.  So please man, you should reach out and say something to somebody.”

The Commissioner confirmed that the parents of the deceased child are in police custody.  He said, “there’s four other young kids living at that residence and I don’t feel based on what I’ve seen and what was brought to me attention, the parents are not fit to keep these individuals, these children.  So that’s why social service is onboard and they will do their investigation to determine whether the kids remain with the parents. But that investigation is very much active.”

Fernander said the cause of death is not currently known.