The Director of the Port Lucaya Marketplace is voicing his concerns about unsupervised minors at the shopping center.

Ivan Moss told ZNS News that parents are dropping off their minor children at the marketplace and leaving them. “They drop their thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen year old and sometime the parents walk in with them and just leave them. Sometimes the parents park their vehicle in the parking lot cause we see them from surveillance all the time then they’d jump in another car, leave the property with their kids here for us to watch them. I always mention this is not, not a nursery.”

Moss went on to describe some of the activities that minors engage in at the establishment which is captured by surveillance cameras. “yes we do have fight. Yes we still have one or two drug peddlers. Yes we have young teenagers comin’ round here drinkin’ and havin’ sex all round the marina dock, all round the back in any crease a da buildin’ they could find. We still have problem with young girls comin’ round here being destroyed be these young men. We still pullin’ young fellas off these young girls.”

Moss says the marketplace is a family oriented place and no child should be without their parent or guardian.