Officials at the Disaster Reconstruction Authority (DRA) conducted an assessment tour of the Spring City Debris Management Site this week on the island of Abaco. The sites have been cause for concern for the residents of Abaco as the Treasure Cay Debris Site caught fire in earlier this year.

Spring City Site Manager Brandon Bowe spoke about operations at his site. He said, “so right now we’re in the demobilization phase of the site. Its actually been really productive, we’ve been getting a lot of the stuff out, things have really been productive here working with the DRA to get as much of this debris out as possible. We’ve been just breaking down separating between biodegradable and non biodegradable debris, you know, just trying to focus on it from an environmentally friendly stand point, get all the piles down. We had a lot of mountains in the back, we started to decrease those one by one and as things progress we get it down to a nice level nature just taken its course and a lot of the vegetation and stuff is starting to come back.”

Bowe also spoke to how the concerns of residents are being addressed. He said, “as we get a lot of the debris out, a lot of the worries that resident may have had whether its concerns to the water table, we’re dispelling those, we’re getting those out of the way. Especially approaching hurricane season, you get a lot of debris just piling up, we’re getting them out in a nice and efficient manner. So a lot of the concerns the public have from just healthy air, healthy water, we’re top on that.”

The DRA Chairman Alex Storr was on hand and said the DRA is happy with the contractor at the Spring City site. “We have seen the progress from taking over from day one,” he said. Storr pointed to the vegetation on the site noting its return. He also said there has been no fires at the site except one that was quickly extinguished.