Drugs valued $336K found in Fire Trail Road residence


Police in New Providence discovered what they describe as a major drug bust this year.

A confidential source that led officers to a residence on Fire Trail Road east, sometime around 7 o’clock Wednesday morning.

Authorities say, there were bales of drugs, weighing at 336 pounds estimated at a street value of $336 thousand dollars confiscated, and 7 people; including 2 females were taken into custody.

Police Press Liaison Officer, ASP Audley Peters says, acting on intelligence, officers from the drug enforcement unit, along with the canine unit, descended upon this residence and executed a search warrant.

“As a result of that search, the officers would have found, 13 crocker sacks, containing a substance suspected to be marijuana.

“As a result, five adult males and two adult females were taken into custody and they are assisting police with this investigation.

“We want to say to members of the public who are hell bent on criminality, that our intelligence is working, and we will continue to see results like these, so you are given a forewarning to desist” he said.

ASP Peters, also used the opportunity to encourage members of the public to desist from harboring persons, including family members suspected of engaging in criminal activities.

“You could be affected by criminality, even though you are not a part of the criminal enterprise.

“We encourage you, if you are aware of family members or friends or associates who are conducting criminal behavior, I suggest that you do not keep their company.

“So, we encourage you to provide instances of criminality or behavior are being conducted, so that the police can address these situations, and have safer communities, because remember, crime is everyone’s responsibility” Peters said.

On Monday past, police made another drug bust here in the western district of the capital, where they found a large suitcase full of edible drugs.

A 35-year-old man was charged in that incident.