Percy Sawyer Sr., father of Patrice Sawyer who was shot and killed in front of her home on Johnson Road, shares his sorrow of losing his child. According to police reports Ms. Sawyer received a telephone call early Monday morning prompting her outside of her home where she was shot.

Mr. Sawyer told ZNS News, “I’ll be seventy in the next nine days and I lose my daughter, just ain fair.”

Mr. Sawyer said he last spoke to his daughter before dinner saying, “yesterday evenin’ I come home and she was in the kitchen preparing dinner, lunch, whatever. And we were just laughing at some meat what somebody cook couple weeks ago and then we were cracking the joke this one ain’ like that, you know. And now this mornin’ I ain’ gat no daughter, even ain’ gat no appetite.”

Sawyer’s son, Percy Sawyer Jr., was also the victim of homicide six years ago. Sawyer Sr. said, “I gatta leave it to God now. It’s sad to say but my purpose of being here even ain’ important no more. My whole life was for my two kids. They take one I sorta try to hang with the next one now they take her.”