FNM Deputy Leader Calls on the Government to Bring Relief at the Pump Now


Bahamians need relief at the pump and this so called government who promised a new day must give tax relief and they must do so today.

As gas prices continue to skyrocket and economic pressures continue to mount on the Bahamian economy, particularly on the pockets of struggling Bahamians, the government continues to play bystander and has taken a hands off approach as the fuel crisis engulfs Bahamian motorists.

The government has offered more rhetoric than relief as Bahamians contend with $7 a gallon gas. The government can act and reduce the taxes it receives in order to alleviate the pain at the pump for Bahamian consumers. The government enjoys the benefit of stamp tax and VAT on wholesale and retail purchases of fuel. It can and must act to bring relief to the Bahamian people and they can start by reducing taxes on fuel now.