The Free National Movement (FNM) held a rally on the island of Bimini on Friday. The party’s candidate along with past and present leaders addressed the crowd ahead of the West Grand Bahama and Bimini by-election.

FNM candidate, Bishop Ricardo Grant laid out the FNM’s plans for the constituency to supporters gathered, “we’re going to focus on education cause the future of our children is at hand. We’re going to focus on what we consider to be higher learning. What you mean higher learning Bishop? We’re going to make certain that we bring technical and vocational training right on the grounds that your children can learn and excel right from home, right from the gateway, right from Bimini. We’re going to ensure that you be able to gain scholarships, be able to do all the necessary training and learning that you can, even through Zoom. We’re going to ask BTVI, UB to come in here and extend their programs to us.”

Also addressing the crowd was former FNM leader and former Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham. He said, “the Bishop showed you, he’ll speak up for you. He’ll put your case. And so I ask you here in Bimini to give him a chance. It’s in your interest to vote for him and its in your interest to not vote for the PLP next week.”

The final speaker of the night was current FNM leader, the Hon. Michael Pintard. In his remarks Pintard said, “we have an opportunity to do something, no it isn’t for the FNM, no it isn’t for our candidate, no it isn’t for Obie, but to do something for your family. We are here because we want the Family Island fund to truly fund develop in Bimini. We want sea walls constructed and we want to be able to airmark funds that will take care of that. We want to make sure that Bimini has the protection from waves and flooding and the government should apply its mind on how we can reduce the flooding that exists on this island.”

The West Grand Bahama and Bimini by-election will take place on November 22nd.