Former Educator, Quentin Larada is speaking out against transgender education being introduced in schools. This comes after Bahamas Union of Teachers President spoke on the issue while addressing a Rotary West Nassau meeting.

Laroda told ZNS News, “even those amongst us who would be of a different lifestyle they themselves see that when it comes to the children there’s a line that you don’t cross. Children are aware of these things, like I said, because of the interconnectivity of the globe but its the parents who should decide to educate their children and to give them moral acceptance or rejection of these lifestyles. I don’t think teachers want that in their hands.”

He went further saying, “let’s stay focused on what we are doing now in education and let’s see how we can enhance getting the kids back on track after the hurricane and the pandemic, seeing how we can improve their scholarships, seeing how we can improve their reading and writing and mathematics, seeing how we can improve their graduation rate. And if we’re going to introduce anything we should look at things like teaching on productivity, teaching on work ethic.”