Grand Bahama to be fully fiberized by end of year


BTC continues its rollout of fiber to the home in Grand Bahama. As a result of its October efforts, customers in the North Bahamia,
South Bahamia, Hawksbill, Wellington Pinder Heights and Seargeant Major Road communities are now able to enjoy fiber services.
BTC held its latest Fiber Fest initiative held last Saturday, October 28 th in Grand Bahama.

The energetic BTC Sales team moved into the “Back of Town” area as well as North and South Bahamia, touting the benefits of fiber and encouraging residents to sign up for its various broadband services. BTC’s Marketing team provided several treats for residents as a convoy moved throughout these areas, and they also had the opportunity to take advantage of free onsite health screenings.

But that’s not all!

All customers who signed up for BTC’s broadband services at last Saturday’s Fiber Fest will also receive a free tablet after their first month’s bill is paid. Dominic Petty, BTC’s Executive Senior Manager for the Northern Bahamas, also joined residents at last Saturday’s Fiber Fest event, connecting with the community and emphasizing that BTC’s fiber services not only offers enhanced speed, but is exceptionally affordable.

“Our primary mission in Grand Bahama is to raise awareness among residents about our fiber services,” Petty said. “We believe that signing up with us will simplify their lives. It was truly heartwarming to witness the strong turnout at last Saturday’s Fiber Fest. These events play a vital role in fortifying our relationships and building stronger connections within the community.”

Petty continued, “We are dedicated to hosting several more Fiber Fest initiatives before the year concludes because we are fully committed to making Grand Bahama the first Island in The Bahamas to be fully fiberized by the end of 2023. Our dedication to achieving this goal is unwavering, and we are well on track to fulfill our commitment.”

The recent Fiber Fest event represents yet another opportunity for more Grand Bahama residents to experience the benefits of BTC’s fiber services. According to Petty, the response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and the Northern Bahamas is witnessing a daily increase in sales and satisfaction.

“Moreover, in the coming months, even more residents will gain access to BTC’s fiber services,” Petty said, adding that BTC is determined to make Grand Bahama a shining example of cutting-edge connectivity.