Health Minister lays out vaccine deployment plan

Minister of Health Hon. Renward Wells

Twenty-thousand doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine are now in country along with an additional 100 thousand plus to come within weeks.

Health Minister the Hon. Renward Wells telling parliament Thursday morning that the government is seeking to purchase even more doses of AstraZeneca directly from the serum institute out of India.

Now, the Ministry of Health has a national vaccine deployment plan which incorporates receipt of the vaccine and its rollout.

“The plan includes vaccine cold storage and logistics; it includes prioritizing prioritized groups by numbers in New Providence and Grand Bahama and total numbers required for each family islands.

“It includes schedules of vaccinations and delivery sites with human and other resource requirements for delivery clearly outlined.

“It includes the vaccination monitoring and safety surveillance after inoculation program via the new electronic immunization register digital platform” he said.

Wells added that components for monitoring the covid-19 vaccine are complete and the system has been installed.

“As the rollout gets on the way and continues aiming at coverage of the nation’s adult population, vaccine safety surveillance by a national safety committee

“Mr. speaker, I am informed that further details on vaccine plans will be released tomorrow by the vaccine committee in regard to the 20 thousand doses of vaccines that we have received” he said.