Homicide Victim’s Family Seeks Justice


Family members of murder victim Garath Pyform are speaking out after his body was found on Marshall Road on Monday morning. A video of a member of Pyform’s family expressing their anguish at his tragic passing was shared on social media.

Apostle Thomas Maxwell of Impact Kingdom Christian Center gave his reaction to hearing of what happened to the victim who attended his church. He said, “the immediate reaction was tears. It was tears because I know Garath. I know the type of young man he is. And to understand the nature in how he died, being murdered, all of these other details, I just begin to cry.”

Apostle Maxwell also recalled the last time he saw the Pyfrom and his wife was at a gender reveal gathering. He described Pyfrom saying, “he’s humble, he’s a very nice young man, very respectable and he is loved by his entire family. But I see Gareth as the type of person who was the leader of his entire family. They loved him and everybody looked up to him. He was living his life trying to take care of his family. Garath was not a troublemaker at all.”