Project Broken Comes from USA to Inspire Bahamian Youth for Bahamian Independence

New Jersey Youth from IDANCE Ministries connect with Bahamian youth from Urban Renewal Revolutionized for a special event connecting youth for The Bahamas' 50th Independence Anniversary.

A group of youth dance ambassadors from New Jersey poured their passion for changing lives into a cultural exchange with young people from The Bahamas. The IDANCE Ministry Youth Dance Ambassadors, under the Direction of Val and Marie Daniels, brought a message of hope to young Bahamians through a series called “Project Broken”. They connected with Urban Renewal Revolutionized and had the opportunity to perform for young Bahamians their age, bringing their message to heal broken hearts and restore faith and love. Their visit comes in time to empower Bahamian youth fir the Bahamas’ 50th Independence Anniversary.IDANCE Ministry is designed to help educate people concerning the act of violence, abuse, mental health, addiction and disabilities among young people all around the world. The young people of IDANCE Ministry are spiritual and cultural ambassadors of dance, proclaiming that they are chosen and anointed by God to serve through dance. They are volunteers in the community who have been provided with leadership and spiritual training, and they have been given unique opportunities to dance and compete.

“The Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development has joined in the fight to stop violence and abuse against children and the fight against mental health,” said Minister of State, Lisa T. Rahming.

“Urban Renewal Revolutionized is delighted to welcome IDANCE Ministry to our beautiful shores. As I mentioned in my budget debate, these are some of the programs that will be used to educate, and train our young people to be disciplined and creative. This will also keep them busy and away from negative activities. You will see them again, participating in our Bahama Games in a matter of days. Our children are very talented and they deserve the best. I am here to give our children exposure and opportunities to fulfil their dreams.”

Project Broken focuses on outreach to the community. It promotes unity and diversity through dance. Community Service and engagement are expected of IDANCE members as well as training in multiple dance styles. Young people present works that challenge the norms, unite the community through dance, and attract diverse audiences.

Project Broken was well received by Bahamian youth, who were inspired by the performances. The young people of New Jersey and The Bahamas had the opportunity to connect and make friendships that will inspire to continue to promote love and peace in their respective communities. 

Source: Felicity Darville