Ministry Celebrates “Sports Moms”


Under the auspices of Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture the Hon. Iram Lewis, Permanent Secretary Eugene Poitier and Under Secretary Montez WIlliams joined Director of Sports Timothy Munnings and the Department of Sports, on May 5, 2021, in celebrating “Sports Moms for their tireless sacrifices which have contributed much to the success of the country’s celebrated athletes” by presenting a selection of mothers of some of the country’s top athletes with flower bouquets and takeaway lunch.  The mothers were also entertained by international recording artist Alia Coley.  
Mothers in attendance included:

Track & Field: Laura Charlton (mother of Devynne Charlton); Mabeline Miller (mother of Shaunae Miller-Uibo)
Boxing: Ikeena Johnson (mother of Taureano Johnson)

Basketball: Raquel Woodside (mother of Michael Carey); Sophia Hunter (mother of Sammy Hunter) 

Baseball: Judy Chisholm & Martinique Coakley (Jazz Chisholm); Michelle Murray (mother of Byron & Bertram Murray)

Special Olympics: Deloris Berry (mother of Deron Berry, represented by his sister)

Swimming: Rochelle Bastian (mother of Izaak Bastian); Elva Carey (mother of Davante Carey)

Volleyball: Enid Stuart (Eugene Stuart); Margaret Albury (mother of Byron Ferguson); Karen Wilson (mother of Prince Wilson)

Water-Polo: Tanya Sastre (mother of Gabriel Sastre)

Tennis: Bernadette Major (Michael Major); Shayvon Clarke (mother of Sydney Clarke); Marion Bain (mother of Jacobi Bain); Paulette Major (mother of Kevin Major, Jr.)