Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson lifted a five year injunction on shanty towns that has now paved the way for government to address the issue. Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Public Service, the Hon. Fred Mitchell spoke to ZNS News on the subject.

He said, “what happens next has to do with the agencies of the government like social services and the ministry for immigration and the ministry of works to work together to ensure that what is carried out is lawfully carried out.”

Mitchell also stated that the government does not support vigilante justice when addressing the frustrations of Bahamians regarding the perceived proliferation of shanty towns. He went further saying, “the law should be followed. We are a country of laws and rules and we have an international reputation and a domestic reputation to maintain. What is important at this juncture is that civil society in our country needs to speak to the reinvention, if you will, of the age of reason. The fact is the institutions of this country are not in crisis. The institutions of the country are working well and doing the job that those institutions were designed to do and which job the have in law.”