NAGB prepare events for holidays


Although their galleries remain closed due to health and safety concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Art Gallery is rolling out several activities for the public to participate in, over the last few weeks of 2020.

The Holiday Curbside Christmas Market is one of the events on the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas’ lineup this December. The goal of the market, that will be held outdoors at the NAGB, is to highlight and promote works of local artists.

Marysa Malone, Manager
NAGB Mixed Media Gift Shop

Manager of the NAGB Mixed Media Gift Shop, Marysa Malone says they are looking forward to the event that will be held on Saturday December 19, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. featuring 14 different Bahamian artists and entrepreneurs.

“It’s a very diverse group and its really spectacular and we know we’ve been through a lot this year so I think its important for us to have a little cheer but then also for us to come here and shop locally if we can this season” she said.

The impact of Covid-19 was also felt heavily in the art industry with many artists struggling with advertising and selling their works.

“It’s been tough for everyone. A lot of them are not able to get their products out. They have not had several of the markets that have happened in previous years so their income is drying up” she said.

Malone added that the products featured in the market may also be ideal Christmas gifts.

“As a Bahamian, I mean I’m patriotic I want my gifts to be Bahamian and I hope that everybody else does too because I think that’s very special.

“Art is just important because its uplifting and everyone needs that in their life and its also a conversation starter so we have a lot of reasons why we should pick artists or Bahamian entrepreneurs” Malone said.

Zearier Munroe NAGB Community Outreach Officer

The NAGB has significantly expanded their online platform at this year connecting with audiences through the digital space.

The annual ARTenoon workshop for parents and kids will be held online this year. The day long art class hosted by a featured artist includes photos, games, trivia and prizes.

Community Outreach Officer at NAGB, Zearier Munroe, says that although initially they realized changing the way the program is offered would pose challenges, it turned out to be more time-friendly for those who may have busy schedules.

“What’s good about that is, even after the ARTenoon is finished you can still log on to our website to our social media and participate in the art activity and take part in some of the activities as well” Munroe said.