Nearly 1/3 of all Lyford Cay Foundations 2021 scholarships go to technical training


The desire to possess job-ready technical skills may have hit a new high with nearly one third of this year’s Lyford Cay Foundation scholarship winners opting to earn a technical degree. The Foundations awarded 26 new scholarships this term to students pursuing a diverse range of studies in Canada and the United States. This year, eight recipients are pursuing technical degrees with more than half taking up studies to prepare them for a care in a health-related field.

“Based on the applications we received, there was particularly strong interest in technical training and we are grateful to our donors who have consistently funded these scholarships,” said Dr. Nicola Virgill-Rolle, Executive Director.

In addition to the traditional academic undergraduate and graduate awards, each year the Lyford Cay Foundation also support students who wish to pursue technical and vocational skills.

“We have an independent panel of technical experts who assess our applicants, evaluate their selected schools, career paths and the likelihood of the applicant securing employment or entrepreneurial opportunities in The Bahamas when finished with their education,” she added. 

Applicants for Lyford Cay Foundations technical scholarships have often had some experience and have developed a passion for their chosen fields, Dr. Virgill-Rolle explained.

“The Lyford Cay Foundations have been strong supporters of technical and vocational skills upgrading in The Bahamas and seek to do more in this area in response to the growing need for skilled persons in technical professions,” she noted.  

“We were delighted to award Grand Bahamian Dwayne Auguste, who had previously attended St. Georges High School and BTVI is seeking a diploma in an industrial trade – Welding Fabrication, a field he says is in dire need of locals, especially as the Grand Bahama Shipyard is set for a $300 million expansion that will make it a world leader in hauling and repair.” Auguste will be heading to Holland College in Canada.

The five students studying health-related disciplines include