New COVID-19 Restrictions


By Altovise Munnings

The Ministry of Health announced new COVID-19 restriction that begin at 5 a.m. this Monday July 26th:

  • New 10 p.m. – 5 a.m curfew for New Providence, Grand Bahama, and North and Central Eleuthera including Harbour island.

  • RT PCR Testing will be required for UNVACCINATED PASSENGERS travelling from New Providence, Grand Bahama, North and South Eleuthera including Harbour Island
  • For New Providence and Grand Bahama, religious worship will be limited to 33% of the occupancy capacity of the religious facility. Services are to be limited to one hour and all safety guidelines of the Bahamas Christain Council are to be followed.
  • No funerals or cremation services are permitted indoors and funerals or burial services are to be held at the graveside only.
  • ONLY OUTDOOR Cremation services will only be permitted. A maximum of 30 persons are allowed at funeral services excludING the officiant and the funeral workers at the funeral, burial or cremation services.
  • Repasts will not be permitted at this time
  • A maximum of 30 persons – EXCLUDING THE OFFICIANT -will be allowed to attend a wedding indoors or outdoors
  • Exercise groups are limited to a maximum of 10 persons
  • It is recommended that there be no recreational or sporting activities at this time.
  • Groups congregating on the beaches and parks should be no more thaN 5 persons.
  • Professional athletes can continue to train
  • Maximum capacities as gyms and movie theatres are now set at 33%
  • Dining is restricted to outdoor and takeaways services and it is encouraged that there be no loitering of groups outside restaurants or at fish fries. These restrictions, however, do not apply to hotel properties.
  • No spas will be opened. This includes massages, waxing, threading and facials
  • For all islands of The Bahamas, private gatherings will be restricted to 5 persons provided that the individuals are vaccinated.

  • Persons who are ENGAGING IN POLITICAL campaigning must be fully vaccinated and campaigning teams are restricted to 5 persons.