Pastor Grace Pinder of House of Hope Ministries in Grand Bahama has appealed to the public for donations of blankets and warm clothing to benefit the homeless.

Pastor Pinder spoke to ZNS News saying, “I believe the Lord spoke to me about persons who are homeless, persons who are in abandoned buildings and cars, persons who have lost their homes and misplaced. They may be living with someone but they don’t have everything that they need and as simple as it may sound, blankets is important in this season. And so, we’re launching this initiative between December and February which is the coldest time of the year for us here in the country. And I knew it was going to be a cold winter for us. And so, we know this weekend we’re having a cold snap already. And so that’s a confirmation that yeah I knew that it was the Lord that led me to do it.”

House of Hope is accepting donations at Grizzley’s in Pinder’s Point from now until February 2023.