President of the Bahamas Docks and Allied Venues Association Wendy Constantine has said that the Ministry of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Family Island Affairs is not labour friendly. While appearing on a local program she further stated that she has not been able to reach anyone at the ministry concerning the rebuilding of stalls that were destroyed by fire in 2020.

Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Family Island Affairs, the Hon. Clay Sweeting responded to the claims saying, “the ministry and myself is not in the business of putting anybody out of work. We want to do what we can to empower and assist all Bahamian in whatever endeavours that they have. Unfortunately the stall in question has had some issues it is under review. The individual who is currently operating the stall, the ministry members have met with her and quite aware of the dispute over the three years. So currently we’re going to have the issue sent to the Attorney General’s Office to be reviewed and then get a legal opinion on the issue. However, that’s individual is using the stall and the former stall owner is quite aware of a dispute that is currently ongoing.”

Concerning government’s plans for the stalls destroyed by fire Sweeting said, “we got a cabinet approval to assist the fire victims. In that respect we got approval to allocate funding, the same amount that the former government promised them to FYP for supplies. All of that has been completed, the stall owners have access to that funding. We also assisted with getting approval from the Ministry of Works for a site location, the proper plans, architectural renderings to ensure that we are providing a proper ambience at the site, at Potter’s Cay and its something that’s streamlined. So we did that, the funding is available at FYP as long as they utilize the plans that was provided and approved by Ministry of Works.”