Press Secretary Clint Watson gave an update on shanty town demolitions at a press briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister on Thursday.

He told reporters, “those persons who received notifications on a property will have to appear before the court because what the government has before there is of course a declaration that they should not have constructed buildings there or any additional buildings there after there was an injunction in place. And so we’re seeking for damages, we’re seeking for there to be a monetary compensation for people who went and built and constructed. That is what gonna happen, the court will run its course in making that determination and once that determination is made then we can proceed to the next level.”

Watson further explained, “the process is the notice that has been received will require the individuals to appear before the court. The court will then make a ruling on what has been proposed as them illegally setting up housing after there was an injunction in place. The court will make a determination as to what is to happen. The government will abide by the court ruling and move to the next level.”

One hundred and seventy seven notices have been issued to shanty town residents thus far.