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RBPF Northern District – speaks of initiatives crime prevention and reduction

Detective Superintendent Darrell Weir Sr., Officer in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department (center); Deputy Detective ASP Nicholas Johnson (right) and Deputy Inspector Ramando Rolle (left).

Keeping in step with the goals and objectives of the Commissioner of Police, Clayton Fernander’s policing plans for 2023, Assistant Commissioner of Police, and officer in charge of the Northern Bahamas, ACP Theophilus Cunningham says officers of the Northern District of the Royal Bahamas Police Force “will continue to execute initiatives geared primarily towards the prevention and reduction of crime.”

This goal will encompass a multi-government agency approach to expand policing capacities in relation to community policing, anti-gang and youth engagement programs to positively engage young people, and the implementation of cutting-edge policing technology to amplify crime detection.

ACP Cunningham outlined his police department’s goals for this new year, during an interview at police headquarters, March 2, 2023. The interview was followed by more specific plans for various communities throughout Grand Bahama, by officers in charge of those respective divisions. Those specific plans by officers in charge of various divisions synched with the overall plan of ACP Cunningham’s overall goals and objectives for better policing in Grand Bahama.

“Our primary objective is to ensure the prevention and significant reduction of crime,” said ACP Cunningham.

He pointed out that as a result of a detail period of 2022 in Grand Bahama, it was determined that many offences were highly concentrated in specific areas. This information was taken into account in regards to determining the allocation of manpower and other police resources for 2023.

“Therefore,” added ACP Cunningham, “focus will be placed on saturated patrols and foot patrols in high crime areas. Additionally, officers will also execute continuous special operations that target crime hotspot areas.

“Ultimately, these efforts will aid in the swift resolution of minor matters to prevent them from escalating into major ones.”

As officers continue to police the Northern division of the Bahamas in 2023, ACP Cunningham said his department will continue to work in synergy with the various government and non-government stakeholders, to develop programs that foster positive youth engagement, bridge gaps between at-risk groups, such as persons within the disabled community and execute walkabouts to ensure that the police presence is seen throughout the various communities.

It is hoped that such actions will help to foster and maintain the public’s trust in the police force.

“The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Clayton Fernander has given us his word that during this year, the island of Grand Bahama is slated to see the continued implementation of several technological advances in relation to crime fighting tools, such as the implementation of Shot-Spotter and CCTV to assist us with the detection of crime,” said ACP Cunningham.

“I would like to assure the general public, without hesitation, that the officers of the Grand Bahama and Northern Bahamas District remain committed in our quest to keep our policing jurisdiction safe and protect our citizens in the execution of our duties.”

More photo highlights below:

Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Theophilus Cunningham, outlining his department’s goals and objectives for policing in the Northern Bahamas District for 2023, which line up with the goals and objectives of Commissioner of Police.

Walter Henderson, Chief Superintendent and officer in Charge of the North, East Division Station in Freeport, GB.

Chief Superintendent Sherry Armarly, officer in charge of the South West Division Station in Freeport, GB.

Jeremy Henfield, Chief Superintendent of Police and Officer in Charge of Eight Mile Rock Division, GB.
(BIS Photos/Lisa Davis)

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