Rehabilitation Of Offenders Committee On Expungement


The Rehabilitation of Offenders Committee has expunged the records of eighty Bahamians between January and October 2022.

Member of the Committee, Dudley Seide, informs that eighteen Grand Bahamians have had expungements and some of them have found employment. “Its a great initiative…I know a lady she got her record expunged, she trying to get a job and she finally got her record expunged, now she’s working. There’s another young man also applied, was trying to get in one of those chemical plants, he got his record expunged. So it is an excellent initiative.”

Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act Amendment 2015 people who have committed murder, manslaughter, treason, armed robbery, rape or possessed dangerous drugs with intent to supply cannot have their records expunged.

The committee has denied five applications, recommended one person for counselling and twenty one applications have been referred to the prerogative of mercy.