Return to School Campuses


The Ministry of Education and Technical and Vocational Training (MOETVT) on the advice of the Ministry of Health and Wellness, is pleased to announce that students across The Bahamas will return to school campuses for in-person learning commencing Monday, 24th January, 2022.

However, as students return to campuses, the Ministry of Health and Wellness reiterates the need for all to exercise extreme caution and adherence to health and safety protocols so as to prevent the transmission of the very transmissable Omicron variant of COVID-19.
In the first instance, all schools will begin with the Hybrid model utilizing all health and safety protocols including the wearing of masks, sanitization, social distancing, temperature checks, staggered breaks, outdoor eating, and quarantine and isolation when applicable.

Information regarding the scheduling of public school students’ return to campus will be provided by a variety of sources including the MOETVT’s Website, Facebook Page and other media platforms. However, parents are advised to visit their child’s school’s Facebook page and any other such social media. Additionally, parents should feel free to contact their child’s school directly for specific details pertaining to the hybrid schedule, as schedules may differ from school to school.

Private schools which have met their NAECOB and/or Pre-School and Day Care Council registration requirements and have submitted their updated COVID-19 mitigation plans, may continue to operate. Further discussions to address a variety of related issues will be held with private school operators shortly.

As students across the archipelago return to in-person learning, the MOETVT expects full cooperation from all stakeholders involved. Parents are strongly encouraged to ensure that their children adhere to all protocols and that they fully engage in all aspects of their learning on and off campus. As the return to on–campus learning is highly anticipated, it is expected that all stakeholders in education will do their part to ensure a safe and effective learning experience for all students.

Source: Ministry of Education & Technical & Vocational Training Communications Section