Royal Caribbean Group to become Silver Sponsor, Global Leadership Summit Bahamas


The Global Leadership Summit Bahamas today announced that Royal Caribbean Group will be a silver sponsor of its annual event bringing top names in business and leadership to audiences in The Bahamas. It will be the third year that the longtime friend and supporter of the country of The Bahamas is sponsoring the summit, but when the conference is held March 5th and 6th, it will be the first time it will be conducted virtually.

“In the past, we held blended summits,” explained GLS local Chairman, Gadville McDonald. “Some speakers would appear in person while others participated via Summit-cast with engaging presentations that benefited our local audience.

Over the years The Global Leadership Summit has proven that virtual presentations are as impactful and engaging as the in-person ones so, ironically, we got an unintended head start on holding events via a means outside of standing on a stage and interacting with people directly in front of you.”

McDonald said the virtual appearances also gave participants the opportunity to experience the full impact of the Summit as it emerged from the large Summit stage in Chicago. “Local facilitators also play a vital role as they contextualize each presentation which results in more meaningful take-aways. The Summit is known for its intellectually rigorous and world class contents,” he said.

Past presenters have included Patrick Lencioni, Melinda Gates, the president of GE, thought leaders, influencers and directors of boards with thousands of shareholders.

“Royal Caribbean has been a great partner for the past two years and we welcome them, especially now with deep appreciation, given the economic challenges cruise lines in particular are facing,” said McDonald. “I think the sponsorship is a further demonstration of Royal Caribbean’s continuing commitment to The Bahamas.”

According to McDonald, the Summit, now in its seventh year, is the premier event of its kind, bringing together 405,000 leaders globally. In The Bahamas, the Leadership Summit will be open to 600 students in addition to 800 leaders with students being admitted on a scholarship basis made possible by supporters like Royal Caribbean.

“At Royal Caribbean Group, we are always looking for ways to support youth development and the Global Leadership Summit is a powerful tool with lessons that students can take away and remember throughout their lives,” said Royal Caribbean Group Vice President, Government Relations, Americas, Russell Benford.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for hundreds of Bahamian students to listen to and learn from a select group of people who have made it to the very pinnacle of their industry or cause.”

Global Leadership Summit 2021 includes speakers including Life Church Senior Pastor, book author and podcast leader, Craig Groeshel; motivational speaker, British author of First, Break all the Rules and other publications, Marcus Buckingham; New York Times best-selling author Rory Vadon and behavioral investigator and author, Vanessa Van Edwards among others.