A security guard at the Port Lucaya Marketplace was attacked by a group of teenaged boys on Christmas Eve. The incident was caught on camera by an onlooker.

Director of Security, Ivan Moss said the officer noticed one of the young men acting suspiciously, the young man ran into the bathroom, the officer followed him which is where the incident began. According to Moss, “when he get inside there some guys was laying on the floor, bottle of Hennessy they had there, some drink was done out the bottle. He didn’t know the reason why they was on the floor and you had one of tow of them was rollin’ some suspected marijuana and he tried to find out what’s going on. He thought that was a matter he could have dealt with. When he tried to approach the ones who had the dope the police was passing the same time. The police hold the guy who had the dope.”

Moss went further about the incident stating, “they surrounded him. They just attack him and start beating him.

The victim of the attack is Perry Eugene Taylor is at home recovering. Four teenaged boys appeared in the magistrate’s court in Grand Bahama in connection with the incident.