Persons who engaged the services of the man posing as a funeral director who is alleged to have dumped human remains on the eastern end of Grand Bahama are speaking out.

Judy Charlton whose family used the services of the man following the death of her sister told ZNS News, “we never got no flowers, we never get no signing book. I had to pay for my obituary 8 o’ clock in the morning. We supposed to get chairs, tents, tables, everything. We got nothing.”

An agreement was signed between the parties that the man did not live up to. Ms. Charlton also reveals that her sister’s body was not embalmed before burial. She continues, “when we was putting on the makeup on her face the skin was peeling off. Nothing was done to her other than out the morgue into the box. We had to put the makeup on ourself. He took my niece dem into the morgue, in the old morgue at the Rand and he took them there 2 o’ clock in the morning. They couldn’t do it, they had to run out there cause my sister was actually disfigured.”

The family filed a complaint with the Grand Bahama Health Services Administrator.

The imposter funeral director also struck in Marsh Harbour, Abaco where the family of Michelda Fertil-Saunders engaged him to bury their uncle. She also relayed her experience to ZNS News saying, “our uncle was dressed at the clinic in Marsh Harbour. He was not embalmed. We received no vehicles for the service what we paid for. We received no floral arrangements for the coffin, no obituaries. What was most embarrassing, no vehicle to carry the deceased to and from the church to the graveside to be buried. We had to borrow a guest vehicle from the service to carry the deceased at the graveside.”

Licensed funeral directors and morticians have said that they have petitioned the Government to regulate the industry to guard against imposters preying on Bahamians in this way.