Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a body in a body bag on eastern Grand Bahama. According to sources the investigation, thus far, has led to an unlicensed funeral director who was paid to cremate the body.

Jamal McSweeney of Yager Cedar Crest Funeral Homes and Crematorium told ZNS News, “if a family has someone that has passed away, they should first of all choose a funeral home that is reputable. When I’m saying reputable, they have a building that’s pretty much been established, there’s an office that you can come to and make some arrangements. So what you’re paying for basically you should receive.”

Keith McSweeney, President at Restview Memorial Mortuary says that the Mortuary Association has been trying to have the industry regulated to avoid unqualified persons conducting service without the proper licenses. He said, “I call them hackers, so called funeral directors, no nothing, no license, no funeral home, no facilities, no nothing and you taking people loved one. What is more serious is these guys signing on people death certificate. A death certificate is a legal document. So you go out there saying you’re a mortician and you take a person medical certificate that you get from the hospital and go to the Registrar and you file that and sign on that, that’s fraud.”

Jamal McSweeney appealed to the public to ensure that any funeral home that they choose to use has a physical address and is reputable.