A mother is claiming abuse after her 10 year old son was beaten at school. An officer was called to the school by the schools principal where eight children were allegedly disciplined. The child of the concerned mother is said to have received it the worst.

Tanishka Sands told ZNS News, “I called the principal, she didn’t answer. I called a teacher and she was very like okay he needed it and the principal called back after I sent her the picture with the bruises. She called back and she was the same way like oh they got spankin’ because we said numerous times about the situation and nothing changed so she called the police.”

Sands also explained what happened when she took her son to the clinic. “We went to the clinic and they said it was severe and whatever to send him to Nassau to get checked. They was like they could have kidney problems, kidney failures cause the bruises was so severe. Like they were black and purple, bruised like he looked like he had a BBL. If I sent him to school like that they would call social service and the police for me.”

Sands is seeking legal advice.