Tips for small scale businesses


Businesses are coming forward to tell all about the tremendous impact covid-19 has had on them.

Owner of the Bahamas Nightlife, Sherwin Johnson says while covid-19 may have been an issue for dozens of businesses going belly up across this country it’s not the major factor for their demise.

Johnson says a lot of businesses are closed because they did not position themselves in becoming more convenient for their customers by using social media and other alternative methods.

“Our culture is to see our customers in face-to-face inside the shop you know so unless that happens we feel like our business isn’t making money.

“But this is where conglomerates like Amazon make billions of dollars because they provide a convenient option where you can purchase from wherever you are.

“We lack innovation. Our culture in the Bahamas isn’t one of marketing Bahamians don’t believe in spending money on marketing.

“But you don’t have to be the one to know what marketing is that’s where professionals come in and they are hired to do it” he said.