The Deputy Director of Urban Renewal on the island of Grand Bahama announced changes to be made to the program.

Sen. Hon. Kirkland Russell spoke about the program at a press conference saying, “hundreds of assessments have been completed and we are still accepting applications and conducting new assessments.”

According to Senator Russell people have been engaged to assist with the program “…they will drive the program ensuring that there is a rapid but quality response with quality being the primary focus,” he said.

Russell went further stating, “the team has been meeting now for several days including over the weekend burning the midnight oil to ensure that things are in place.  And so the residents here in Grand Bahama, Abaco as well as Moore’s Island will see the small home repair teams on the roofs repairing.”

As to how many people they intend to assist Senator Russell said, “this government is committed to a nonstop Small House Repair Program.  And so the numbers doesn’t matter, we will do our very best to reach every single individual who is in need of small house repair.”