Andros All Set to Take Sustainable Tourism to the Next Level


From: Bahamas Information Services 

The Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation, in collaboration with Andros industry stakeholders, has recently formed the North and Central Andros Destination Stewardship Council (NCADSC), in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s Criteria.

The NCADSC, a nonprofit, non-governmental organization led by local industry stakeholders, was established in July 2021.The vision and objectives of the organization are: To promote and enhance sustainable tourism activities and practices by developing and encouraging cultural
heritage, entertainment, attractions and nature-based adventures as touristic experiences. The NCADSC will also focus its efforts on restoring the island’s natural assets through education and outreach.

NCADSC’s initial aims include undertaking waste management and trail development, erecting beach signage, creating an Andros specific travel website and promoting community involvement.

As tourism evolves globally, the number of travellers seeking outdoor experiences is growing exponentially. Tourists who favour activity-based vacations can enjoy themselves, stay safe and explore all that is available. Andros is a popular tourist destination, well positioned for visitors
to make the most of this trend, with endless beaches, creek fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, birdwatching and so much more.

The newly formed Sustainable Tourism Destination Stewardship Council (STDSC) is calling upon all Androsians to participate in the sustainable tourism development of our magical island home.

For more information on the NCADSC, please visit our Facebook Page NC Andros Sustainable Council, or email us at