Bahamians are giving their views on the performance of the country’s athletes at this year’s CARIFTA Games.

Benson Rodgers told ZNS News, “its a pleasure to be a Bahamian. In the mind for one is egotistically flattered within this accomplishment”

Another proud Bahamian Rashard Flowers said, “I’m very proud of our young people. Man especially this being our fiftieth year of independence, we hostin’ the CARIFTA Games and everything, man I’m proud of our young people. They put their best foot forward and they represented us well.”

Business Owner Sheena Carroll stated, “I felt really proud. I was excited and it was good to see the country coming together and everybody just being so full of love and humanity. It was a great time of meeting of the minds and people really coming together in that space.”

Bahamian athletes took part in the CARIFTA Games held in the capital over the Easter weekend winning forty one medals and second place overall. At the CARIFTA Aquatics Championships held in Curacao the Bahamian team won for the fifth consecutive time with eighty five medals and 1,113 team points.