Cleveland Clinic and Doctors Hospital Health System Establish Strategic Relationship


Cleveland Clinic and Doctors Hospital Health System have formed a strategic advisory council with the goal of expanding and improving the delivery of healthcare services in the Bahamas.

The organizations agreed to form the advisory council in a two-year strategic advisory agreement which will provide Doctors Hospital access to Cleveland Clinic’s network of internal experts for strategic planning, clinical education and leadership development. A core team from Cleveland Clinic and Doctors Hospital will meet throughout the year in focused working sessions. Cleveland Clinic members are Curtis Rimmerman, M.D., chairman of International Operations; Rob Stall, executive director of International Operations; and Ivan Blanco, Cleveland Clinic Florida’s chief marketing and business development officer.

Doctors Hospital members include Charles Diggiss, M.D., majority shareholder and president; Charles Sealy, chief executive officer, and Dennis Deveaux, chief financial officer.

“Partnering with Doctors Hospital is a great opportunity to positively impact Bahamian healthcare delivery and patient outcomes,” said Dr. Rimmerman. “Improving the quality of healthcare will significantly contribute to building a healthier community for all Bahamians.” Cleveland Clinic and Doctors Hospital will work together on various projects that include significant expansion into outpatient services by Doctors Hospital, as well as the development of centers of excellence in the Bahamas where Cleveland Clinic’s resources will offer significant advantage, acceleration and support to Doctors Hospital.

“The decision to align Doctors Hospital with Cleveland Clinic will increase the quality of care and expanded availability of on-island healthcare options for Bahamians,” said Dr. Diggiss. “Doctors Hospital’s alignment with a prominent and known global brand like Cleveland Clinic will dramatically accelerate our access to grow capacity to meet the burgeoning healthcare demands of Bahamians.”