The new IHOP restaurant is set to open its first location at the Mall At Marathon on Tuesday after being postposed. A staff training session was held this week in preparation for its opening day.

According IHOP Bahamas President Burton Rodgers they are still in the hiring process. He said, “we don’t have a final count that’s almost impossible to give you but we have I think between 105 -120 to open with. We see that number will increase. You starting off the hours will stagger until we eventually go to 24 hours.”

On why he chose to open the restaurant in The Bahamas Rodgers said, “traveling to the US on a regular basis this is one of our stops. Like I said I did it as a child. I did it as a parent. I did it as a teenager, as a young adult. To actually make it happen this isn’t an overnight dream. It isn’t an overnight idea. Its been in the works for a very very long time.”

As they move toward operating 24 hours per day Rodgers says they will begin by closing late at night. He believes the public will be pleased and plans to open more locations within the next year.