Acting Prime Minister, the Hon. Chester Cooper led a delegation of government officials on an assessment tour of Abaco and Grand Bahama after the passing of Tropical Storm Nicole.

Cooper said, “no serious injuries, no loss of life. I’ve had occasion to speak with the Minister for Grand Bahama earlier today who gave a snapshot of the visits along with the honourable senators across the island of Grand Bahama and I am delighted to hear that you’ve also fared very well in Grand Bahama, no serious injuries, no loss of life. And for that I once again proclaim that God is good.”

Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, the Hon. Myles Laroda was a part of the delegation. For his part he said, “we know that this community, as Abaco, is still reeling from the effects of Dorian. The Disaster Reconstruction Authority has opened a warehouse. We will commence delivery of equipment and some renovations shortly. We know that that time will have to speed up because we have a compounded situation. We will deal with each island Individually, knowing that we cannot in one day have a full assessment as to what damages and needs are. But I will allocate as least one day next week to deal with the issues in Grand Bahama, the west and the east and also with Abaco.”