The family of 32 year old Curtis Missick, who was shot in Hunters, Grand Bahama are speaking out about his killing.

The victim’s brother, Stanley Missick Jr. spoke about his brother saying, “He was lovable, he was caring. Curtis just was Curtis. He had couple instance where he was shot. He was stabbed, he was sedated in a coma, you know what I mean, so that’s why I say he was lucky.”

Missick Jr. also recounted how he found out about the shooting incident. “My phone don’t ring that late and I didn’t answer the cell phone and then when my mom called me at 12:02 she told me that she received a text that my brother get shot. and after that my cousin called me right after my mom and told me that my brother was head shot and my whole body and thing start shakin’.”

Missick’s other brother, David Gibson, says that his brother’s killing hurt him the most because they were close.

The family is hoping the the case does not go cold and that justice prevails.