Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander held a press conference on Monday where he revealed the seizure of numerous weapons and ammunition by police.

Fernander told reporters of a specific police investigation involving a male employee at the Office of the Prime Minister that led to the seizure of 4 high powered weapons, 7 pistols and ammunition. “It appear as though they were involved in fire arms trafficking because you could see some of the weapons was totally wrapped in plastic properly secured. There’s a trend we noted that some of them just came with component parts. So they are breaking down the weapons and sending them in different areas. We suspect that it came in from the US and we are partnering with our partners along with the firearms unit with respect to trying to trace exactly where these weapons come from,” he said.

The Commissioner also revealed 276 guns have been seized by the police this year. He says this number includes 238 pistols which is more than in the previous year, 19 rifles, 8 shotguns and 11 revolvers. As for ammunition 7,607 various types have been seized.