Head boy at Queen’s College Dario Rahming Jr. collapsed while playing basketball on the school’s campus over the weekend. He was taken to hospital where he died. On Monday staff, students and teachers of the school attended an assembly to remember Rahming.

Students and teachers were visibly grief stricken openly weeping during the event. Assistant Coach of the basketball team Jerome Lucas explained how they intend to pay tribute to Dario. “We actually already made it official that this year we’ll only have fourteen guys on the list, Dario will be the fifteenth. When we do away games his jersey will be right there on the bench. Also we’ll give him a number that no one else will basically have through the entire Queen’s College,” he said.

School Principal Rev. Henry Knowles said, “Dario is an amazing young man we can’t say that enough. The words are not there not really describe the type of young man he is.”