The Freeport City Council has taken issue with the reopening of the Fishing Hole Road Bridge by West Grand Bahama Chief Councillor, Jimmy Smith.

Chief Councillor of the City of Freeport, Frazette Gibson spoke with ZNS News saying, “the causeway is within the city limits which means the City of Freeport Council do have a voice as it related to that. Unfortunately the stance that the Chief Councillor would have taken I personally would not have done.”

Gibson also spoke about the entities with responsibility for roads on Grand Bahama. She said, “I think its irresponsible of us to blame the head of department of the Ministry of Works here on the island of Grand Bahama who does a tremendous job. However, they have no responsibility of giving contracts, that comes out of New Providence and I think our anger should be directed to those that has the ability and the responsibility to make those decisions. However the Grand Bahama Port Authority has all jurisdiction for every road until 2054 and that is the Hawksbill Creek Agreement and those who are not familiar ought read it. They have carriage over a lot of things that are presently not being carried out to its fullest extent.”