From the Desk of the National Independence Secretariat of The Bahamas


A wonderful gesture by a Bahamian entrepreneur will have Bahamian legislators looking sharp and patriotic as the country celebrates 50 years of Independence. Nolan Carey of Kingsman Collections recently presented the National Independence Secretariat with the model of a custom tailored aquamarine blazer, which will be gifted to all Members of Parliament and Senators in The Bahamas.

“These one-of-a-kind commemorative blazers can serve as symbols of unity, patriotism, and achievement,” said Carey. 

“They represent a unique milestone in our country’s history and can be a cherished keepsake for the leaders who wear them. These blazers can become a part of the country’s legacy and remind future generations of the remarkable journey the nation has undertaken.”

Chair of the National Independence Secretariat Ambassador Leslia Miller-Brice and Permanent Secretary Jack Thompson were on hand to receive the blazer at the Secretariat office at One Montague Place. They expressed sincere thanks for Carey responding to the call for Corporate Bahamas to join in the Golden Jubilee by finding unique ways to showcase their products and services, while supporting the historic occasion. 

“By presenting these blazers, we hope to make a meaningful contribution to the celebration of our country’s 50th anniversary,” Carey said. 

“Not only will they add a touch of grandeur and distinction to the occasion, but they will also serve as a tangible representation of the collective accomplishments and progress of the nation.”

“Having our nation’s leaders wear these blazers can create a sense of camaraderie and shared pride among them. It can foster a spirit of unity and collaboration as they commemorate this important milestone together. This is a wonderful way to honor our country’s history and leaders. It’s an expression of gratitude and a testament to the nation’s achievements, ensuring that this milestone is remembered and cherished for years to come.”

Several corporate partners have joined the festivities with donations and support for the 50th Independence Anniversary Celebrations. They include: RBC; Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas; Aliv; Breezes Bahamas; John Bull; Zamar Group of Companies; Wildflowers; BTC; and Commonwealth Brewery, Ltd. Kingsman Collections, which is relatively a small business compared to this distinguished list of sponsors, proudly joins in the list of sponsors. More small and medium-sized enterprises are encouraged to join in these final days leading up to Independence Day, July 10, 2023. In addition, the 50th Independence anniversary celebrations continue throughout the year and Corporate sponsors are encouraged to join, donate, volunteer and sponsor to help make all of the events to celebrate the country even better.

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Source: Felicity Darville