The Minister of Labour and Immigration, the Hon. Keith Bell revealed to ZNS News that applicants are submitted fraudulent documents to the Department of Immigration.

Bell said, “doctors are issuing medical certificates and the medical certificates are saying that they would have examined the individual and found them medically fit. In one case the individual was in our custody so it was impossible for the doctor to have actually examined that individual, the other person had been deported and these are not isolated cases. I would have issued to the doctors a very stern warning to cease and desist, to stop.”

The minister also stated, “when you sign on those documents and I see a signature on it and its authenticated and its genuine it means that the person may very well be issued with a work permit, they may be issued with a permanent residence, they may be issued with citizenship of The Bahamas based on your signature on those documents. The onus then is on you to clog that hole but if we have to clog the hole it will not be very good.”