The Ministry of Health and Wellness held a launch event for their new wellness unit and Your Health Matters campaign on Thursday at the BahaMar Resort.

Minister of Health and Wellness, the Hon. Michael Darville addressed attendees saying, “as your health minister I say to all under the sound of my voice by reducing you risk factors for NCDs you will not only live longer productive lives but help the government in reducing the country’s overall health costs and the decline in the number of patients being admitted to our hospitals suffering from complications from disease brought on by lifestyles choices.”

Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis was the keynote speaker at the launch where he outlined the goals of the new initiative. He said, “these will include programs to facilitate and encourage more active lifestyles, educate on mental health strategies and destigmatize seeking therapy, provide wellness activities in each community and on each island and engage school children at all grade levels through specific programs tailored for their age groups.”

Mr. Davis also spoke to the need for healthier eating habits. “We are taking some steps some of them are exploring different tax structures for fruits and vegetables versus sugary and processed foods, better marketing and support for BAIC and BAMSI to ensure greater access to healthy seasonal produce and encouraging and supporting community farming especially in communities where affordable nutrition filled choices are currently in shorty supply.”