Ministry of Works plans to use advanced methods to address flooding challenges

Minister of Public Works the Hon. Desmond Bannister (BIS Photos/Derek Smith)

Heavy rains continue to be a concern for residents across New Providence living in areas that expose them to severe flooding.

Officials at the Ministry of Works continue to monitor this matter in order to put a handle on the situation.

According to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works Hon. Desmond Bannister, work crews are try to find a resolution to this flooding problem but there are several obstacles they must take into account before executing their plans.

“There are a number of challenges in that Marshall road area and there is need for a seawall there, but if you go down that area you will also see that some of that is private property also.

“We are looking at it and we are scoping it but we also have to work with the owners down there to ensure that they do their part in terms of assisting with what has to be done so that the seawall encompasses their property also” he said.

He explains that they have used wells to assist with drainage however, with additional challenges, works officials decided to look into more advanced methods of controlling the flooding.

“You will notice like I have spoken before, throughout New Providence we’ve had flooding issues and we’ve been digging wells but the wells aren’t going to solve all the problems.

“There are some other things that we are doing, more highly technical to be able to ensure that we do something about the flooding challenges” Minister Bannister said.