Bianka Wilkinson, 32, is seeking answers about her son who died in the Rand Memorial Hospital in Grand Bahama.

The grieving mother spoke with ZNS News about her son and her mission for answers. “D’karter was a known patient to the Rand. He had several issues, seizure disorder, asthmatic, you name it.”

Wilkinson’s son was hospitalized last December, She says, “he was having shortness of breath. So when I carried D’Karter there they was able to get his breathing and stuff underneath control. He was in there like for three weeks, the most. Like I say on the 16th of December he passed away. When I went to see him on the ward his skin and everything was intact.”

Wilkinson was alerted by the funeral home where her son’s body was sent to come and view his body. She recounted, “his skin was basically detached from his body. It almost look as if, like when you take acid and throw it on something.”

Wilkinson says that she contacted hospital administrators who instructed her to write a report on the matter and email it to them. She has yet to receive a response.