A voice note circulating on social media resulted in a run on gas stations on the island of Grand Bahama. The voice note, which was heard on Friday past, alleged that all gas stations would be closed until further notice due to strike action by petroleum retailers.

ZNS News spoke to residents of the island who gave their opinions on the dissemination of the erroneous voice note. One gentleman opined, “we need a better source of information. We need more reliable sources to pass on the information to the Bahamian people to let them know hey this is what’s happening, this is what’s not happening.

Another gentleman said, “its obviously the general public didn’t listen to the news because the president of the petroleum dealers association said they will not strike. They’re using other options to pressure the government to get what they want.”

Manager of Municipal Motors, Minkey Bain said, “I was shocked to see how much cars was coming and we almost run out of gas. Now I don’t know if the people was fooled because I had to tell some people we open the next morning and they didn’t believe me but the next morning we still was full of cars.”

Officials of the Bahamas Petroleum Retailers Association have been publicly vocal in their attempts to meet with the government. One of the topics they wish to discuss is a margin increase.