WHO warns about corona-virus outbreaks in Latin America and the Caribbean


Despite the inroads, many small island developing states have made in preventing widespread transmission, the World Health Organization is warning that we are in a very dangerous period in the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the delta variant quickly becomes the dominant strain, it is continuing to evolve and mutate; and now detected in some 98 countries and spreading.

This may be because the virus reportedly carries a cluster of mutations that helps it infect human cells more easily.

Equally worrisome is the emergence of the seventh variant of interest – the Lambda that’s sweeping Latin America – namely Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, and Mexico.

Outside of that, the United Kingdom said to be more transmissible, Lambda’s unusual mutations is reportedly stumping scientists. What is however assuring, is that at this point, no evidence points to it being a more severe form of Covid.

Nevertheless, health officials continue to push the message of vaccinations.

Hoping to expand the local arsenal, The Bahamas is awaiting its share from the united states – and that’s a tranche of doses of the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine, the arrival of which is said to be imminent.