In recognition of World Doctors Day thirteen doctors were honoured for outstanding service at a luncheon held at the South Beach Clinic.

Minister of Health and Wellness, the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville was at the ceremony and delivered remarks. On the sidelines of the event he told ZNS News, “many of these doctors went through a tremendous ordeal through the COVID 19 pandemic. This facility was a COVID-19 hospital and some of the doctors at this clinic contributed to those patients who were being housed here in the midst of the pandemic. Today is special for more reasons than one, many of our doctors are now to the point where they’re beginning to see some new refreshing things that we are doing throughout the health care system and that’s at our tertiary as well as our primary facilities.”

Honouree Dr. Gerard Deveaux said, “as physicians we work, we work hard and long and sometimes we feel as if nobody cares. And for this special day to be rendered towards us it makes us feel really really good and gives you some incentive or courage to keep pushing and keep doing what we do. Its been a journey. It been some ups and some downs. You have individuals who would listen and are compliant, you have ones that show appreciation once services are rendered but at the end of the day when you can help someone in need and save a life it brings satisfaction.”

BIS Photos/Anthon Thompson