Deputy Chairman of the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas along with the General Manager and other members of the staff remembered the late Minister Obie Wilchcombe who himself was employed at the Corporation before entering public life.

Deputy Chairman Athama Bowe said, “the Hon. Minister saw the staff of ZNS as really the true assets of the company.  He admires communication, he’s a communicator.  He believed in training technical and otherwise. He bought into the view that ZNS should be rebranded and I’m sure at some point restructured.”

General Manager Clint Watson also gave his views about the late Minister.  “I miss knowing that he’s gonna call me and say hey you guys on the air, what’s up next, what’s the plan. He was supposed to meet with my team tomorrow for the opening of parliament.  He wanted to find our what’s the plan because he wanted to be on the ground to make sure we’re covering these things properly, we’re covering them accurately, we’re doing what the Nassau station should do.”

Minister Wilchcombe passed away of September 25th on the island of Grand Bahama.