The Member of Parliament for North Abaco, the Hon. Kirk Cornish spoke on the issue of illegal migration in his contribution to the 2023 mid year budget in the House of Assembly on Monday. Abaco has been plagued with illegal immigration issues and the proliferation of shanty towns for some time with both MPs who represent the island recently speaking out publicly.

Cornish told Parliamentarians, “I strongly believe that all who violate our immigration laws should be bought before the courts and that the law should take its due course. Bahamians are required to purchase property and go through a process to construct a home in this nation. If Bahamians must go through this process no other groups should be exempted. If you want to visit my country, come here legally. If you want to work in my country, apply for a work permit. If you want to live in my country, do it the legal way. I wholeheartedly support the Department of Immigration and I will do my best as a leader in this nation to ensure that immigration laws are upheld.”